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What is MiCORES?


Initially adopted by the Medical School's Biomedical Research Core Facilities (BRCF) in Fall 2013, Agilent CrossLab iLab Operations Software is a core facility management system designed to support operations for a myriad of types and sizes of centralized labs and shared resource facilities.

The modular web-based software solution's functionality includes resource scheduling (calendars for reserving specific resources), hardware interlock functionality, (access control for sensitive or validated equipment), billing and reporting, and time and cost tracking against projects.

Through a collaboration between the Biosciences Initiative, the University of Michigan Office of Research, and the Medical School Office of Research, the software was branded internally as MiCORES.  MiCORES is currently being implemented to cores, labs and shared resource facilities across the university community.



To login to MiCORES, please click the green "login" button located at the top right side of this page.
Individuals from outside of the University of Michigan with iLab accounts can use their current account by clicking the green "login" button and then clicking the "Login using iLab credentials" checkbox in the "Not a UMich user?" section of the login dialogue box.
Need an iLab Account?
Click the green "login" button, located at the top right side of this page, to get started. The system is accessible to University of Michigan faculty, staff, and students through your uniqname and Level-1 (UMICH) password. Individuals associated with the University of Michigan without University credentials will need to click the "register" link to create an iLab account.  
Once you complete the one-time registration process and are approved by your PI or Lab Manager, the system will enable you to place service requests, provide required approvals, and monitor progress. Please note: users must also be approved into each Core they would like to request services from. To register for an account, follow these simple steps.
Questions about MiCORES?
MiCORES is supported by the HITS (Health Information Technology Services) Service Desk. If you have any questions pertaining to the system, please contact Health ITS by clicking here, by phone at 734-936-8000.



iLab Cores at University of Michigan

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
UMICH BioNMR Core Debashish Sahu 734-647-3872
UMICH Biochemical NMR Core Hank Mosberg 734-764-8117 (office)
UMICH Bioinformatics Core Marci Brandenburg 734-615-1643
UMICH Biomedical Research Store Christina Stilson 734-936-2870
UMICH Center for Molecular Imaging
UMICH Center for Structural Biology (CSB) Jeanne Stuckey, Ph.D. (734) 647-7534
UMICH Cryo-EM Facility Amy Bondy, Ph.D. (734) 647-8176
UMICH CyTOF Facility Lavanya Paul (567)318-9735
UMICH Epigenomics
UMICH Flow Cytometry Core David Adams 734-764-8107
UMICH LSI Equipment Core Cathy Andrews 734-615-7430
UMICH LSI Mass Spec Wendy Feng 734-615-5516
UMICH Metabolomics Core Maureen Kachman 734-232-0842
UMICH Microscopy Core Aaron Taylor 734-936-4912
UMICH Proteomics & Peptide Synthesis Core Henriette Remmer 734-763-6285
UMICH Proteomics Resource Facility Alexey Nesvizhskii, Ph.D (734) 764-3516
UMICH Sample Preservation Freezer Facility Ati Tislerics 734-763-7752
UMICH Transgenic Animal Model Core Thom Saunders 734-647-2910
UMICH Vector Core Thomas Lanigan 734-764-5201
UMMS Central Biorepository Zack Klug 734 647 8809