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Overview of Services

Our focus is methods development, types of research projects include:

  • U-M HomeLab research studies
    • Protocol development
    • Recruitment
    • Data collection
    • Data management
    • Data analysis
  • Methods consultations in spaces where the methods don’t exist
  • Methods expert participation for grant applications/sponsored projects


Jeannette Jackson, M.B.A. | Managing Director

Alicia G. Carmichael | Research Process Director

Donna Walter | Operations Manager

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday

9am - 5pm


Please contact us if your needs fall outside
of our normal business hours                                         

Institute for Social Research

426 Thompson Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48106



Links and Resources


Name Role Phone Email Location
Jeannette Jackson, M.B.A.
Managing Director

Alicia G. Carmichael
Research Process Director

Donna Walter
Operations Manager