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Overview of Services

The CyTOF Core at the University of Michigan was founded in 2016 to promote a collaborative and interdisciplinary environment across the University of Michigan campus. Our goal is to share our equipment and expertise with ambitious researchers to help solve the most challenging problems in cellular biology, immunology, oncology, and medicine.


  • Helios CyTOF System
  • Hyperion CyTOF System
  • Attune Flow Cytometer
  • ÄKTA Pure FPLC
  • NanoDrop 2000c Spectrophotometer

Selected Services: (Please login for a full list of services) 

  • Helios Antibody Panel 1 - Human  (CD45, CCR6, CD19, CD127, CD38, IgD, CD11c, CD16, CCR4, CD123, TCRgd, CXCR5, CD3, CD45RA, CD27, CD28, CD66b, CXCR3, CD161, CD45RO, CCR7, CD8, CD25, CD20, HLA-DR, CD4, CD14, CD56, CD57, CD294)
  • Helios Antibody Panel 2 - Mouse  (Ly-6G, CD11c, CD69, CD45, CD11b, CD19, CD25, CD3, TER-119, CD62L, CD8, TCRb, NK1.1, CD44, CD4, B220) 
  • Custom CyTOF Antibody Conjugation
  • Data acquisition by Mass Cytometry (Helios)
  • Data acquisition by Imaging Mass Cytometry (Hyperion)
  • CyTOF consultation

 Getting Started

iLabs Registration

  • If you are not registered with iLabs, please contact your PI and register.

 New Users

  • After registering with iLabs, please sign in and click the Request Services tab. Next, scroll down to the Services List, and request training on the instrument you would like to use.

  • Once you have been trained, return to the Request Services tab, and request Instrument Certification. A core member will certify your ability to use the instrument, and you will now be able to use the instrument independently. 

 Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday

 8am - 5pm                 

North Campus Research Complex

2800 Plymouth Rd. BLDG 28. RM G101E

Ann Arbor, MI, 48109-2800

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Luke Bugada
NCRC B028-G019E