UMICH School of Dentistry Histology Core

Overview of Services

The histology core facility at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry provides histological services using standard histological techniques. The core specializes in sectioning of hard (demineralized) tissues.

Special Stains Available

Class I
  • Toluidine Blue
  • Alcian Blue pH. 2.5
  • P.A.S
  • Verhoeff’s Elastic
  • Saffranin O Fast Green
Class II
  • Masson’s Trichrome
  • Mallory’s Trichrome
Class III
  • Von Kossa
  • Methanamine Silver (GMS)
  • Gram +/- (Brown&Brenn)
Other special stains not listed will be quoted separately.


  • Nikon E800 light microscope (with Photometrics coolsnap momochrome and Nikon DS-Fi1 color cameras) with bright field, dark field, and fluorescence (DAPI,FITC, TRITC, and triple- FITC, TRITC, and DAPI). Histomorphometric measurements can be done with NIS Elements software.
  • Leica CM1850 Cyrostat.


Christopher Strayhorn | Laboratory Supervisor Core Manager

Location and Sample Drop-Off/Pick-Up Hours

Hours     Location

Monday - Friday

7am - 3pm              

University of Michigan
School of Dentistry
1011 N University, Room G008
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1078

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