UMICH CHGD Media Management and Behavioral Coding Core

Overview of Services

The Center for Human Growth and Development’s Media Management & Behavioral Coding Core provides efficient, cost effective and quality management of research media (audio and video) and the behavioral coding of these files for Center members.

The Trouble with Media Management and Coding!
Media management and coding work for research projects is labor-intensive and involves hiring, training and overseeing staff/students. The CHGD Media Management & Behavioral Coding Core lightens the load for investigators by doing this work for you!  In addition, these tasks are often left to the end of a project. The Media Management & Behavioral Coding Core offers the advantage of having media managed and projects coded in real-time by staff who have been rigorously trained and are overseen by the Core Manager, with consultation from the Media Management & Behavioral Coding Core Faculty Lead.

The CHGD Media Management & Behavioral Coding Core offers members:

  • Free initial consultation regarding project needs
  • Services to code different behaviors of interest based on videofiles, audiofiles and/or interview transcriptions
  • Digital audio/video data management
  • Video editing
  • Transcription
  • Expertise in coding reliability in both traditional and novel coding schemes
  • Group education and training
  • Access to a coding expert for grant applications

What kind of data can be coded?
The materials coded can be from interviews, transcripts, texts (e.g., My Voice), audio and video files. Please note that the MMBCC does not provide qualitative coding, such as identifying top themes from focus group responses, but rather provides behavioral coding and coding of specific content (e.g. coding for “child compliance”,”parent directive”, or number of times certain topics are mentioned in a transcription of an interview).


Dr. Alison Miller | Media Management & Behavioral Coding Core Faculty Lead

Hurley Riley | Media Management & Behavioral Coding Core Manager

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

8am- 5pm                          

North Ingalls Building, 10th Floor
300 N. Ingalls Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5406                  

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Hurley Riley
MMBCC Manager
1003SW North Ingalls Building