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UMICH LSI Mass Spec Core - deactivated 9.17.21

Overview of Services

LSI MS Core provides open-use Q-TOF/TOF instruments, and mass spec service to all UM researchers.

The hourly rates for UM researchers are $20 for instrument usage and $53 for staff consultation/training. 

For external UM clients, We only accept sample submissions at this time. Please email to request external rates.

Email your service request or any related questions to Wendy at


Wendy Feng, PhD Sr Lab Specialist 734-615-5516

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location


 Q-TOF LSI Room 3358A

 TOF LSI Room 4151

Links and Resources

  1. LSI MS Core: 
  2. Training Request and Resources:
  3. Parking Guide:


Name Role Phone Email Location
Wendy Feng
Sr Lab Specialist
LSI Room 4382