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UMICH Proteomics & Peptide Synthesis Core


Overview of Services 

 The BRCF Proteomics & Peptide Synthesis Core provides research services in proteomics and protein analysis by mass spectrometry and other techniques as well as in custom peptide synthesis.

 We are a full service Core and provide support from scientific consultation/experimental design all the way to data analysis and interpretation.  We accept a wide range of sample formats including clinical samples and perform sample preparation.

 Samples are being analyzed on state-of-the art instruments such as the Q-Exactive and Lumos Fusion mass spectrometers (Thermo Scientific) coupled with UPLC systems (Waters).

 Our services include:

  • Qualitative Proteomics: protein identification, protein profiling and localization of post-translational modifications (PTMs).
  • Quantitative Proteomics: label-free , SILAC, TMT/ITRAQ, and Parallel reaction monitoring (PRM)
  • Pathway Analysis (biological pathways, gene ontology terms, miRNAs and diseases for diferentially expressed proteins)
  • N-terminal protein sequencing (by Edman chemistry or MALDI-TO/TOF (C and N terminal sequencing)
  • Quantitative  Amino Acid Analysis
  • Quality custom peptide synthesis at discounted prices
  • Finding the best analysis/synthesis options for your project scope and budget

Our service commitment is based on quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. A member of the Biomedical Research Core Facilities, the Proteomics & Peptide Synthesis Core is in the University of Michigan Medical School Office of Research.




Henriette Remmer, Ph.D.
Director, Proteomics & Peptide Synthesis Core

Assistant Research Scientist, Department of Biological Chemistry
Phone: 734-763-6285

Location and hours of operation



Monday - Friday     

10am - 4pm

Medical Science Research Building II
Room C570C, Box 5613
1150 West Medical Center Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-0674

Links and Resources

  1. Proteomics and Peptide Synthesis Core Website



Name Role Phone Email Location
Henriette Remmer, Ph.D.
Core Director