UMICH Sample Preservation Freezer Facility

Overview of Services


The Sample Preservation Freezer Facility allows researchers to archive small quantities of irreplaceable research specimens in case of a disastrous loss of material at the investigator’s primary storage site. Providing secure, long-term storage, the Freezer Facility comprises -80°C freezers with emergency backup power. The site and each individual freezer is locked, and protected by an alarm system.

Features include:

  • Dedicated site with an emergency backup power generator; a separate cooling system is also tied in to the backup generator.
  • Backup freezer(s) are kept cold to facilitate transfer of materials in the event of equipment failure.
  • Locked entry to the site and separate locks for each individual freezer.
  • The site is protected by an alarm system linked to the University's Facilities Maintenance department.
  • Restricted Access limited to the Principal Investigator or designee, and only when escorted by BRCF staff.


Usage Requirements and Fees:

  • The facility is intended for backup/archival storage of small quantities of irreplaceable samples and specimens (not for the storage of entire stocks of materials).  
  • We cannot accept any samples that are radioactive or have a biohazard level that would require special handling and/or storage conditions. 
  • All samples submitted for storage must be tagged in way that clearly identifies the sample and the owner, and must be logged and inventoried upon deposition.
  • Freezers are for long-term storage.  Access is assumed to be needed only occasionally to store additional materials.  Arrangements for access must be made well in advance by contacting the staff person listed below; on-demand access is not possible.
  • The Medical School provides no guarantees for this site but we do believe that it is more reliable than what many investigators currently use for storage.
  • The cost of using the space is currently $80 per year for one-fourth of a shelf (approx. 9” high × 24” deep × 7” wide).



Name Role Phone Email Location
Ati Tislerics
C560 Medical Science Research Building 2